Citizens for Avian Protection

Citizens for Avian Protection

CAP — Houston is a non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, whose goal is to provide education to prospective bird owners as well as rescue, rehabilitation, and re-housing to unwanted or abused birds.

Parrot Welfare

The greater Houston metropolitan area is home to a very large number of unwanted and abused birds. We've been providing rescue, rehabilitation, and re-housing efforts on behalf of those birds for twenty-five years, and have just recently formed CAP — Houston so that we may better provide this assistance.

People often purchase birds as pets without doing enough research. Seeing a beautiful and friendly bird in the pet shop, the purchaser may not understand the requirements necessary to share his or her life with a psittacine companion. Some sellers, eager to move their stock, conveniently forget to educate their clients. The result is often an unhappy bird, and an unhappy owner. In our society, the bird often becomes the casualty when the owner decides that the bird is too much trouble. Abused and neglected birds are a huge problem in the Houston area, and we are trying to help

Mission Statement

CAP — Houston is writing a new mission statement. We look to our "elders" in the community of bird rescue and advocacy to see how they have expressed their mission. The "grandmother" of all such organizations is, of course, The Gabriel Foundation. While CAP — Houston has no affiliation whatsoever with The Gabriel Foundation, we agree wholeheartedly with their Mission Statement. We hope to develop verbiage as eloquent and meaningful as theirs, while focusing our efforts specifically on psittacines in the Greater Houston area.