Citizens for Avian Protection

About CAP — Houston

While Citizens for Avian Protection is a relatively new non-profit organization, acquiring its' 501(c)3 status in 2003, Julie Allen has been providing rescue and rehabilitation for birds since 1977.

In her role as owner of Scarlet Oaks Aviaries, Ms. Allen has provided care for hundreds of birds over the years. As the owner of Zsa Zsa's Party Parrots, she has also been raising money for other local charities since 1986. Zsa Zsa's Party Parrots is a troupe of performing birds that entertain and educate at various functions throughout the area. Several members of the troupe are themselves rescued birds.

So while the name CAP — Houston is new, Julie Allen is still running around rescuing birds. For the first time, you are being asked to help. Please click on the "PayPal Donate" button and give whatever you can. Thank you!